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Fitness Recovery is a wellness service of soft and deep tissue massage, trigger point release, and silicone cupping as needed. Your session may also consist of stretching, passive movements, and your Physical Therapist teaching you simple stretches to further aid in your recovery from general aches from daily life or intense workouts. This is a great option for maintenance and recovery once your pain and injury are resolved!

Disclaimer: Fitness Recovery is considered a general wellness service and is not intended to replace rehabilitation services for acute injuries. If you have recently suffered an injury, please let your PT know. Physical therapy rehabilitation is specific to each injury including corrective exercises, specific manual therapy, and movement assessments. 

Who is Fitness Recovery good for?

Fitness Recovery is good for anyone experiencing muscle tightness, decreased flexibility due to general muscle soreness or for athletes priming or recovering from  competition or intense workouts. Your PT may recommend a physical therapy evaluation instead of Fitness Recovery if we feel you will have a greater, long term benefit. 

*This wellness service is provided by a Physical Therapist, not a Massage Therapist. For more in depth massage or therapeutic massage for specific conditions, we are happy to recommend other local providers.*

What Should I Wear?

Fitness Recovery sessions focus on 1-2 body regions (ex: back, shoulder, leg) rather than a full body massage to receive the most benefit.  We are not equipped as a spa or massage therapist, so please wear loose clothing that can easily be moved. Men often remove their shirts and ladies will often wear tank tops and sports bras, or bras that can be easily clasped and unclasped if the goal is to target the mid back. Loose shorts are great for leg work.


Looking through your options and not sure where your concerns fit in? No problem. Send us a message to set up a FREE Discovery Visit and screening where we will look at your movements, assess and discuss your pain, and help you choose the right path to achieve your goals and needs!

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