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It is never too late to begin a journey towards wellness and independence! The goal is for every one of every age to be able to participate in the daily and recreational activities they need to do and love to do! Our goal is to help the people of Northeast GA recover from injuries and stay active with their family and friends. This is accomplished through individualized programming to meet your specific goals and needs. 


Brooke Terilli, PT, DPT

Additional Certifications:

  • Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist

  • AIB- Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete

Dr. Brooke Terilli, PT, DPT graduated from Piedmont College in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and went on to obtain her Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2016 from the University of North Georgia. 


She specializes in treatment of the older adult and enjoys working with teens/adults of all ages looking to improve their health and mobility. Over the past few years, she has progressed in her own journey towards health and wellness and recognized a wide gap in traditional physical therapy treatment and our current healthcare model. After working with many clients of varying backgrounds and medical conditions, Brooke knew that many of the disorders and injuries she was treating were preventable, but clients lacked access to earlier interventions. She hopes to help bridge the gap in our healthcare model by offering more opportunities to the community to address concerns and decrease their risk of losing function and mobility by providing a proactive solution, instead of a reactive one.


Brooke looks forward to working with clients who are motivated to make a change, finally ready to improve their pain, and propel clients towards their personal best and crush dreams they didn't know they were capable of!

When she's not in the clinic, Brooke enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her three dogs. You can also find her in the gym and CrossFit classes. Always important to practice what you preach!


Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist


Meet Brooke

    There are a few ways to get on Age Fit's schedule. Call/text us or send us a contact form through our website. If you have any questions or want to speak with a Physical Therapist first, we will schedule you for a 20 minute Discovery Call to discuss your concerns and goals for pain free, balanced, and confident movement!
    Yes! The state of Georgia allows limited direct access to physical therapists. This means we can see you for 8 visits or 21 days (whichever comes first) without a physician referral. If we feel you will need a referral past direct access, we will notify you of this to satisfy state regulations and can assist by contacting your physician with your permission. This means you can start treating your pain immediately without waiting to see your primary care physician or specialist. If we feel you need help outside of our scope of practice, we will help you get to the appropriate practitioner.
    The answer is different for every client and their specific injuries or concerns. Age Fit focuses on the whole body, not just the painful body part. This is because pain in one joint can often be caused by changes in another body part and is the result of a chain reaction. It may also be as simple as a change in body mechanics and set up of certain activities and exercises. Your physical therapist will discuss your specific timeline with you after a full evaluation.
    The only insurance we accept and are in-network with is traditional Medicare and can additionally send claims for Medicare supplements. Otherwise, we are an out of network, private pay clinic. Many of the commercial Medicare Advantage plans have similar in and out of network benefits and we can submit your claims on your behalf. We do NOT accept Aetna commercial or Aetna Medicare Advantage plans at this time (though we can accept Aetna as a secondary supplement). We know. It's complicated! Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your insurance. For our out of network commercial insurance folks, we are happy to provide our Physical Therapy clients with superbills with all the information they need to submit their own claims for reimbursement. You can also use your FSA/HSA as we are a qualified profession.
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