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Small Group Fitness

By: Sheila Borgen, PT

It is the beginning of the year and a time to develop new habits, learn new skills, improve your self-esteem, and be happier with yourself. You might want to shed a few pounds, decrease your pants size, improve your fitness, gain strength, or increase your endurance. For many, these desires, although present, seem unattainable. Year after year, failure to achieve all or any of your personal goals has filled your mind with defeat. The kind of defeat that almost makes you want to give up. Almost. A tiny glimmer of hope deep down is prompting you to read this article. Go on. Keep reading. I have found a solution to your past failure.

Accountability. I know, I know. It seems too simple to be the answer. But it is the key to success. Trust me. We must have an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or account for our actions. That means another individual must be involved, often known as an accountability partner. An accountability partner supports another person to keep a commitment or maintain progress on the desired goal. Wouldn’t it be great to have a friend with the same desires as you? You could band together, create short-term and long-term goals, set a schedule, and begin tackling your New Year’s lifestyle challenges together. You could hold each other accountable to show up and show off your desire to change. The funny thing is that I also have an available accountability partner for you. I AM NOT JOKING!!

This year, Age Fit Physical Therapy and Wellness is adding another play to its jam-packed playbook. They are adding group fitness classes. Brooke and her team of talented therapists understand that tackling fitness goals alone can be daunting. So, with their continued creative abilities, her team has jumped the hurdle to design group fitness classes that will help you rethink your fitness journey. Joining together with other like-minded individuals to target strength, balance, and endurance is a win-win scenario. Not only will you connect with other people, but you will also have a guide constantly cheering you on and providing the next challenge necessary for success. In addition, you will have the opportunity to choose a beginner class or an intermediate class.

What if your concern for the new year is more functional? You might have missed out on opportunities to join in family activities, tend to a garden, or play with your grandchildren because you “can’t do” what you used to do. You may fear getting down on the floor without the strength or tools to get back up. Again, I have the resolution. Age Fit will be rolling out a new group class called Floor Fit. This course will model strategies and techniques to assist you in safely getting down onto the floor and successfully getting back up. The sessions will also provide a strengthening program that will give you the oomph to implement these strategies. You don’t want to miss out on this class!

Age Fit’s jump into 2023 does not stop here, however. The physical therapy team has one more group class up their sleeve to welcome in the new year, Better Bones and Balance. This 6-week course will help prepare you for that dreaded joint replacement or help ward it off for a bit longer. The weekly sessions will give you an understanding of how nutrition plays a particular role in bone, muscle, and joint health. It will cover the facets of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and their management. If a joint replacement is inevitable, join in on preparing your body BEFORE surgery to ensure a rapid, successful recovery post-surgery. There are tricks of the trade that Brooke and her team would love to share with you!

Right now, all you must do is make a commitment to yourself for a positive start to a new year. Then, contact Age Fit Physical Therapy and Wellness and sign up for change! Easy peasy!

Sheila is a freelance writer for physical health, mental health, and parenting. She has four exceptional children, one adopted from South Korea. She lives in Alabama with her husband and children. Sheila enjoys cheering her children on at archery tournaments, soccer games, and color guard performances. She has over 24 years of experience as a physical therapist with a special love for the senior population. Learn more about Sheila at

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