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Just Say NO to Aging

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Just Say NO to Aging!

By Sheila Borgen

I cannot even begin to count how many times I had heard a patient say, "I don't understand. I used to be so active" when they were amid a medical plight. For an individual that used to run, exercise at the gym, ride their bike or enjoy gardening, a loss of function can cause a sense of bewilderment.

After all, how can a previously active person become impaired? Fortunately, the answer is more evident than one might think.

Consider aging. Aging is simply the process of becoming older. Or is it? Some factors that coincide with aging can be problematic if not addressed properly. Bones become more brittle with a decrease in size and density, making them more vulnerable to fracture. There is an involuntary loss of muscle mass, strength, endurance, and flexibility. The deterioration in bones and muscles can negatively affect stability, coordination, and balance. The negative change in these factors can result in illness, disease, and injury.

The good news is that the fountain of youth is not a mythical place filled with magical spring water hiding in an undisclosed location. Instead, adding exercise to your daily life is like finding your fountain of youth. Physical fitness provides solid bones and muscles. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and even dementia. But, most importantly, it improves the quality of life.

For those who are already sinking into the mental wasteland of "It's too late for me," think again. Yes, it may be true that you have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes. Maybe you have already fallen and fractured a hip. You may feel overwhelmed with the thought of trying to figure out how to dig yourself out of the well of poor health and despair.

Two common myths that may plague your mind include the following: it is dangerous to exercise when you get old, or to increase your activity may worsen your joint pain.

Don't give in to the sedentary life simply out of fear or lack of knowledge. Instead, seek a qualified health provider to assist you on your journey.

Physical therapists are highly trained healthcare specialists who help people manage pain and physical limitations with movement. They create individual exercise plans and train patients in safety during exercise. In addition, therapists work hand in hand with the aging population to facilitate a more active senior population that allows them to experience a much higher quality of life.

If you feel trapped in a broken-down body and desire to regain fitness and function, you have landed in the right place! The therapists at Age Fit PT have you in mind! So step out of your comfort zone! Give them a call to get started on the path to your fountain of youth today!

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